The realizations

On goat or calf parchment, the illuminations are painted with historical pigments from plants, stones, land, animals according to traditional recipes; Each copy is made respecting the technique of the time. The creations use different traditional and contemporary techniques with the same materials.

Le roi David Détail

King david

from a 15th century manuscript (10x13 cm)

Initial B on parchment dyed with cochineal after a 12th century manuscript Moralia in job (13x11 cm)

Création à partir d'un manuscrit du XII siécle Initiale S et V unies

Creation from a 12th century manuscript

From Armenian manuscript

Gospels of Toros Roslin XIII century

Initial C and White Vine after 15th century manuscript in Italian stye (20x11 cm)

The 4 seasons Creation

XV century technique (30x45cm)

Initiale A d'après le psautier de Corbie IX siècle

Initial A

Corbie Psalter

IX century (10x7 cm)

Annonciation XIV siécle

Annunciation from a 13th century manuscript (14x12 cm)

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Atelier Or & D Cor Former Powder Factory, Rue Auguste Fabre 13250 Saint-Chamas

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