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Books object

The illustrations give birth to the story or conversely, the story nourishes the drawing.

The whole then becomes an illustrated book that can be read and looked at.

The book is a precious object, printed on watercolor paper and whose format is designed according to the whole.

The sources of inspiration are multiple, suggested by a context, a text or a commission, the technique used remains that of illumination.

All original creations are made on parchment with historical pigments, the catalog of which you will find in the Pigments tab .

Title: The walking trees, Tale for all, 2017

Text and illustrations: Céline Payan Granier

Calligraphic tale on antique goat parchment whose brown trace of the animal's spine inspired the drawing of the tree. The illustration is painted with organic pigments used in the traditional 15th century illumination technique.

Printed on watercolor paper, 200 grams, it comes in the form of two Leporrello, one vertical, the other horizontal in which the story unfolds.

Dimensions of the closed book 16x 11 cm

This tale tells of how trees, tired of chasing birds, have grown all around the earth.

Unit price: 14.70 euros

Edition of 100 numbered and signed copies

ISBN 978-2-9575342-0-3

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Title: Playing cat and mouse

Text and illustrations: Céline Payan Granier

The day of six Afghan children between leaving school and leaving school.

Find the cats and mice in the illustration and the sounds "cha" and "sou" in the text.


ISBN 978-2-9575342-1-0

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